Saturday, May 6

Slow progress...

Not really been feeling up to knitting lately, as my concentration is shot. However, I finished up the crocheted afghan, I just need to sew in all the ends.

Mum brought me a jumper I made back in the 1990s, when I was teaching myself to machine knit - it's not a bad attempt, actually, although the neck is a bit too tight. I'm tempted to redo the neck, but it would require a ribber - the entire jumper was done on a single bed. Hmmm.

Trying to put my project folder together for my coursework submission - I've got six weeks. The lace jumper is a mess, for two pins I'd start it all over again. Can't find one of my tension swatches. Bother, bother and bother again!

Starting to panic, just a little!!

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