Thursday, May 18

Two steps forward, three back...

Well, after unpicking part of the v neck (because somehow I twisted it) it's partly back on the machine for a second attempt. Hopefully this time it'll go better. Serves me right for starting the collar and skipping the blocking and making up, doh!

The white fairisle donated by mum has had a new collar made and added, it looks a lot better and is something I'd probably be more likely to wear now myself - I can't stand fussy necklines or high necks (types the woman who is currently wearing a polo neck!).

On the hand-knitting side I'm a bit at a loss, was trying to complete the "itty bitty bear" from the Rowan magazine, but manipulating 9 stitches on three dpns is not easy at the best of time, plus my dpns have got mixed up and I suspect some of them are slightly bigger. I'll complete it eventually, or figure a way of MKing it, which would be even easier!

I need to concentrate on finishing my coursework and mounting a display so hand-knitting has to take a back seat at the moment.

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