Friday, July 7

Dream projects and lack of focus

This is a list of projects I intend to MK:

Knitweave jacket, made from squares of knitweaved fabric, 10cm by 10cm.
“Mock” twin set jumper
Baseball style sweater with mock over shirt
Ribbed top with slanting stripes

However, last night I started weaving a rug on the peg loom, and knit up some wool to try felting. Trouble is, it's going to take me ages to make enough I-cord for a decent size rug; perhaps I shall have to ply some stuff together, or invest in a few choice balls of chunky yarn.

The wool thing went ok - used a long colourwash pattern from Artika designs, but failed to read the instructions correctly. Did it on a mylar sheet with T10 on the SK840, not on the chunky as instructed. The colour fades from chocolate brown to beige, back to chocolate brown. Not my first choice of colours, but my only available 100% wool. The beige snapped a few times and ran out with 30cms to spare - phew! I cast off this morning. Next job is to tack it to a pillowcase, then wash at 60 degrees. We shall see what happens!

Other projects are stalled - the freeform knitting bag seems too wide at the top, perhaps I should unpick it and sew it up on the machine instead? The beach tote is "suffering from not-plyed knit-weaved cotton" syndrome - the float on the first side are messy and loopy. So although one side is done, it make be going in the frog pond.

I need to focus on finishing a few projects before getting stuck into any more. Freedom to MK what I want for two months and I've already gone bezerk! :) oh well!

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