Friday, September 22

A FO - bag!

Finally finished a bag last night - had to remake the lining for the Rowan bag, because it was too small, and lined this one from an offcut. It's a pity you can't feel how lovely and soft it is on the screen! Found the button in my spares box, it was a button that came with a suit I've long since got rid of. I think I should have made the catch a little shorter, but will see how it progresses. It was a bit of a pain sewing the lining in - I did seriously think about shaving the bag a few times!I just need to sew the lining into the Rowan bag, and that'll be finished too.

Was going great guns on a fluffy scarf, on the chunky machine, when I realised there was a gaping hole in it. No point trying to frog back on the machine, it's way too fluffy! Will have to rewind and start again, never mind. Serves me right for going too fast!

Took the refurbished knitting machine around to W's on Wednesday, she was really pleased with it. Found another set of punchcards so didn't have to make up some more, quite pleased about that.

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