Tuesday, October 17

Bedknobs and broomsticks

Had my first ever go at double bed jacquard last night - the Brother manual calls it "multi-coloured rib knitting" in its strange, enthusiastic way. Forgot the lili buttons the first time, and one of the yarns was too thick, so it ended up by my feet on the floor. Second attempt went better, until some stitches dropped leaving a big float, so that was when I decided I'd done enough (it was nearly 10pm). My machine looks like it could receive satellite telly with the four tension arms fitted!

DBJ is really cool - pictures on one side, bird's eye backing on the other, So fairisle, without the floats. I wonder if it's a good use for all the cones of fine yarn I've gained?! Not sure what you do when stitches drop though - not sure I'd know how to fix things. Yes, I have taken pictures of some of my samples. but have forgotten to bring the SD card to work, so you'll have to wait!

I was thinking it's a pity that DBJ punchcards take twice as long to make, but I haven't really explored DBJ on the Silver Reed, which is just a small matter of a pencil and a mylar.

Things I want to have a go at:
  • Circular yoke sweater
  • Mock two-piece
  • Knitweave jacket
  • Dyeing
  • Plating*
  • Increasing & decreasing on the ribber*

* MK coursework

G wants me to make him a "DIY" sweater, because it gets cold in the garage. So I need to think of a design with chisels, saws, etc.....

Oh, so much to do, so little time! I keep buying more yarn, and I can't use it fast enough! Sometimes wish I was unemployed, so I could spend all day using it up! :)

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