Saturday, November 18

Dying for socks!!

Spent a fantastic day dying with the Coventry Spinners - think I went a bit mad with the different colours, and the yellow looked ace, but went a bit green when I was rinsing the skein out at home! Still, well chuffed, it was my first ever go at dying, and now I've done it with others, I'll feel more confident doing it at home alone!

This is the yarn, having been thorougly rinsed in cold water, and spun in the washing machine. It just needs to dry out, then I've got to figure out how to re-wind it (it's a 12m long skein!).

Not that I need another pair of socks, but they're really cosy, I actually pick them in preference to my bought ones when I'm picking them out in the morning!

Met some lovely people, too - Heather and her mum, from Birmingham. Proved the Terry Pratchett theory that there are only really 100 people in the whole world, everyone else is just a figment of your imagination. Heather knows Dominique, Kelly used to work where Heather's mum now works, and Kelly and Heather are both into fantasy role-play. Twighlight-zone kinda spooky, eh?!

This is the Rowan cardi, the pattern for which is posted below (yes, I know it's incomplete, I will get back to it, I promise!). I've only to finish the second sleeve, and it's done! Made this pattern up myself so hope it works out OK!

The dishcloth - 76 rows may make it square in stocking stitch, but in tuck it's more squat. I reckon another 35 (eg about 110 rows) will work better. Not bad for a prototype though!

This is the stash that followed me home last saturday, plus three skeins of Russian cotton from Dominique's stash. I only have to look at yarn and it ends up in my bag, dunno how it happens, honest!


dancingbarefoot said...

Very nice cardi!

Is that a wee transfer carriage in the box, or are those white skeins just enormous?

steelbreeze said...

Those white skeins are enormous! :)