Tuesday, November 14


Not done much knitting lately - I've lost the heart for it somewhat of late. Plus, I keep forgetting to take patterns, so pieces that could be finished have been knitted too far. To top it all off, G purloined my plastic bag collection last night for something, and now I can't find it! The raw materials for my bag, donated by fellow Coventry Knit Wits, vanished! That, and the spare set of house keys. Couple that with us waiting in for a grocery delivery last night, that he'd scheduled for the 27th by mistake?! He's not in my good books today! (he did pop to Tesco at 10pm last night though, bless him!)

Managed to do two more samples of plating yesterday, and a FNR scalloped hem, before I got too tired. We spent some time getting kitchen floor tiles up last night - the rest of them will need to come up Thursday night. G's moaning about having to shift appliances - not terribly impressed, it has to be done, complaining won't change that.

Really must get my muse back. I can't let the office gossips win! :)

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