Friday, December 1

Lizard ridge afghan, first piece

I was going to put "first square" as the title, but it's not really a square. This is my modified pattern for machine knitting - I found that there was some sort of a mistake on row 8, and the knitted "blob" was too far in, so I mirrored the other end instead.

1 down, 20 odd to go, LOL!


Yarn: Noro Kureyon - wind yarn from centre of ball until it weighs 25g to make a new ball - it's not possible to machine knit from both ends of a ball without some major tangles! I use this "centre ball" as the second yarn - the main yarn does the pattern 5 times, and the contrast yarn 5 times.

Tension: T6 on the chunky machine

E-wrap CO 43 sts
Row 1: With MY, K 3 rows
Set CARR to hold.
Row 4: Short-row as follows, remembering to wrap at start of each row:
K12, [K8, K7, K6, K5, K4, K20] to last 3 sts, K to end
Cancel hold.
Row 5: With MY, K 2 rows
Row 9: With CY, K 3 rows
Set CARR to hold.
Row 10: Short row as follows, remembering to wrap at start of each row:
K5, K5, K4, K4, K19, [K8, K7, K6, K5, K4, K20] until there are less than 20 sts left, K to end, K5, K5, K4, K4
Cancel hold.
Row 11: With CY, K 2 rows
Rep rows 1-12 for pattern.
Transfer tool cast off.

The hand-knitted version, from Knitty Fall '06, was designed by Laura Aylor.


dancingbarefoot said...

That looks stunning!

steelbreeze said...

Thanks! I posted some extra info - didn't want anyone to think I'd designed it myself (I wish!). Now I want to use Kureyon in a jumper, the colours are fab!

Alison said...

Thanks for the instructions on this for MKing. Have loads of cone ends which I am sure would be usefully included!