Thursday, January 11

Record meeting!

14 people came last night to the Knit Wits meeting, a group record! We pretty much took over the bar, I hope the owner was pleased! Met up with Julie, whose blog I've been reading, plus Christine, and a few other new people. Looks like all the publicity last month is finally paying off!

We had a hilarious night as usual - topics for discussion ranged from Johnny English the film (the de-frocking of the Archbishop of Canterbury scene), to the direness of Celebrity Big Brother - I watched Dirk Benedict go in 'cause I really used to fancy Face, but that's all I care to see - to cats taking a fancy to your knitting.

Finishing sewing in all the ends on the pink hoodie, just need buttons now, and poss. to sew around the buttonholes in a contrasting colour 'cause they're not obvious. It's a pity I shan't have chance to get buttons before Friday as I'm babysitting at my sisters and could drop it off then. We shall see.

Squally showers outside. It's like being on a ship today!

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