Tuesday, January 16

Sew sew... and blogroll moans...

You may have noticed I've changed the layout a little and added some knitting wallpaper - will see how I get on with it methinks!

Have been finishing up some projects - finished sewing up the pink jumper for my niece on Sunday, and finished sewing up the white aran last night. Today I sewed up the reversible hat - mad neon on one side, cool pastels on the other. Really pleased with it. May or may not make some cords to go through the top, not decided yet (and if so, what colour they'll be - ran out of white acrylic!)

Now I just need to finish up the pink hoodie and get some buttons on the Coventry market on Saturday, and sew up that darned Rowan waistcoat thing. Hobbycraft's buttons are OK, but they're carded so you're stuck buying quantities you may not need, and they're not cheap. I'm determined to get all those progress bars over there ==> to 100% before I take on anything else.

Which does not explain why I've been thinking about making my odds n' sods of sock yarn into socks for toddlers! Gah! Anybody else have this problem? Loads of UFOs because your imagination is already fired up by the Next Big Thing (tm)?

Anybody else noticed that blogrolling is incredibly sucky lately? Not seen the "updated" text for some time. I'll give it another week or two and then I'll ditch the code - there's no point having reams of other people's blogs listed on here if I still have to figure out which ones have been updated by myself - Technorati does a far finer job of that anyway.

Right, off to tidy up my knitting room, and take some FO photos. It looks like a bomb's gone off in there - I'm just soo creative I forget to be tidy!

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