Wednesday, February 7

College update

Another charity tee top done on the chunky...

...and a better picture of the tuck lace (click for a bigger pic). Spent the day at MK college yesterday - I sure don't miss the badly maintained machines, but the company was nice! Had another go at the Bill King supersize cable, made a few attempts at some lace collars - machine kept dropping stitches, and some of the yarn was moth-eaten and breaky. Picked up some black overlocker thread and some press-studs for G's dad, treated myself to some Tommy Girl perfume (I love light, floral scents). Turns out I'm pretty much done on the MK course now - I need to convert a punchcard to DBJ, create my dbj jumper, do a cut n sew neckline and maybe do a few collars, and I'm done! Really chuffed - I thought there would be much more in the course, but apparently the students find the second year harder so there's less. Means I can get done, and start concentrating on the sewing machine and overlocker! Wish I could attend the sewing course, but there's no way I'm coughing up £720 for a two year course I can't even attend, 'cause I definitely couldn't teach myself sewing! I wonder if Mum's up for it?
First cotton sock nearly cast off. Love the way the colour's pooling around the welt!

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