Saturday, February 3

Pile knitting - success!

Well, it finally dawned on me that pile knitting requires special patterns, stripey ones with nothing happening every other row. So that was partly my problem last night - I was using an ordinary fair-isle card. Of course, it would work if the pattern controller was stopped every other row - but then the pattern would double in length, and would probably look out of proportion.

Anyway, got it going, and it's really, really cool! You can't really tell from a photograph, but the pile surface is really strokeable. You also get a kind of plated pattern on the wrong side, but as I'm using two similar coloured yarns the effect is quite subtle.

I quite fancy doing something cute and girly with hearts on with this.... it's handy having a small niece to knit for!

I love my Silver Reed!

Tom says: "Quit knitting, woman, and feed me!"

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