Tuesday, March 13, 2007

100 things

  1. I live in a small house in Rugby, England, with my partner G aka "the Cog" and our cat Tom (Thomas when he's being naughty). Eddie replaced Thomas in 2015, but is a permanently scared rescue cat who is not very snuggly alas. 
  2. I've been a CAD engineer since I left school, although now I also do some animation work
  3. I have a real rapport with cats, I haven't yet met one that didn't like me (Ha! See 1 above)
  4. I love my first cup of coffee of the day. I'm not so keen on tea, unless it's weak and sweet, or Earl Grey
  5. I've never been able to click my fingers. The Cog thinks this is hilarious
  6. I'm allergic to penicillin, I get a nasty rash, and whatever I was given the medicine for goes away of its own accord
  7. I'm also allergic to certain cheap soaps
  8. I'm very creative and crafty, and usually have at least ten projects I want to start at any one time
  9. I'm absolutely dreadful at finishing things. I get bogged down in the details
  10. I have one sister. We are very different
  11. I love the beach, and I love warmth. My holiday hell would be somewhere cold
  12. I'm a little on the curvy side, but I've figured out that the Fast 800/mediterranean diet helps no end! 
  13. I love anything loud and colourful, I think I was colourblind in a previous life
  14. I love rainbows, and I have to photograph them
  15. If I wasn't an engineer, I'd've loved to have been a photographer or an architect
  16. I once designed a secondary school. I was about 13
  17. I spend a lot of my spare time with my knitting machines, or surfing the internet
  18. I collect cobalt blue glass, and used to collect Colourbox cats.
  19. I used to collect interesting candles, but the colours fade and a few got too close to the fire and wilted
  20. My favourite flowers are tulips.
  21. My favourite season is summer, with spring a close second. I'm not a winter person
  22. My fave way of spending an evening is a night in with a good bottle of wine, a video, a nice bar of chocolate and my favourite blokes (male and feline)
  23. I like big words. I like "undercarriage"
  24. At school I made up the word "despulphragate". I was never that sure of its meaning, but it was supposedly slightly rude
  25. I cut my nails very short - years of being a violinist. Plus I like to keep them clean
  26. I'm fascinated by stationary. My fave place is the pen department in WHSmiths.
  27. The Cog thinks this is weird
  28. He's probably right
  29. I used to sing alto in a church choir
  30. I used to be a sunday school teacher
  31. I once went to church choir practice in black ski pants that I'd cut holes in and laced up - it caused a bit of a stir. I was trying to be a rock chick!
  32. I once attended a job interview in jeans
  33. I didn't get hired
  34. I love to swim, and I try and organise most holidays to be near a water park
  35. I resent paying extra once I'm inside though - Tenerife was a rip-off, Faliraki was excellent (and all-in)
  36. My favourite food is thai, followed by chinese, indian, mexican. There's not much I don't like
  37. I don't like swede or turnip, but I'm coming around to the idea of parsnips
  38. Especially the parsnip crisps from the lunch van at work - bliss!
  39. I taught G to cook, and he's far more inspired than me now
  40. I'm not known for my patience
  41. I love cracked black pepper kettle chips
  42. I can't stand salt-and-vinegar anything. Makes my eyes water
  43. I've got a certificate in Swedish body massage
  44. It's amazing how everyone says they need a massage, but never get around to getting their kit off
  45. I used to read only sci-fi stories, but now I just pick books at random
  46. Even better if they're book-crossing ones, because I can put them back.
  47. My favourite colours are hot pink, cobalt blue, purple and black
  48. I don't much care for green, brown or orange but I'm working on it...
  49. I love comedy programmes
  50. I'm not so keen on politics. Whoever you vote for, the government gets in. I guess I'm a liberal leftie politically. 
  51. Artificial people really get up my nose, especially if they pretend to be stupid but aren't
  52. I'm much happier in t-shirt and jeans than a business suit
  53. I couldn't care less about clothing labels
  54. I love raiding charity shops
  55. I try and recycle as much as I can
  56. I have far too much yarn, it's taking over the front bedroom despite my being on a self-imposed yarn diet
  57. I inherited someone's lifetime collection of machine knitting magazines. I'm still working my way through them
  58. I've got  near-perfect pitch. I tend to sing out of tune deliberately when alone, to make myself laugh
  59. I don't tend to do more than 10mph over the speed limit
  60. I have a clean driving licence
  61. I have a large big toe joint. I think everyone else's feet look odd
  62. I used to have a gorgeous half persian cat called Fraggle. Alas, he liked to chase cars, and one day his ninth life ran out
  63. I love earrings, I used to collect them - had a competition with a girl at school as to who could get the most. I won.
  64. I love rock music, classical, and dance. Classical for when I've had a hard day and need to be calmed
  65. I'm a light sleeper. Sometimes I have to sleep downstairs. The Cog snores, though he denies it
  66. I have a very basic mobile phone, that actually rings, and I've no intention of changing it until it dies. OK I finally caved on this, on with the smartphones!
  67. I love to write with fountain pens, and with different coloured inks
  68. I like writing to penpals
  69. I'd rather be knitting
  70. If I could meet anyone in history, it'd probably be either John Lennon or Gandhi
  71. My most favourite jacket is a tie dyed denim one I got from Virgin Music - that dates it!
  72. I love markets, car boots, jumble sales and craft fairs
  73. I love hot chocolate fudge cake, butterscotch, and salted caramel
  74. White chocolate is my favourite.
  75. I also like spirits eg amaretto, cherry brandy, kahlua. I adore the liquer selection packs at Schipol airport - wonder if De Kuypers would let me become head taster?! :)
  76. Creme brulee. Love it!
  77. I don't suffer fools gladly
  78. I think I know more than anyone else, and I think I can do everything better than anyone else
  79. This gets me into trouble a lot
  80. The Cog has me pegged as a bullsh*tter. He's not wrong
  81. I have far too many hobbies, and not enough free time
  82. I'm not very tidy - sometimes you have to step carefully around piles of wool, magazines and patterns
  83. I'd love to *be* tidy, and have an immaculate house, but realism tells me it's never going to happen
  84. I'm quiet, shy and introspective, but I tend to hide this at social events by being loud and chatty
  85. It took me four attempts to pass my driving test
  86. My second car, a lovely red Vauxhall Astra, seized up on the M5. Not the best spot to break down, I rolled to halt right outside the fire station on J2
  87. I love comedy and cartoons, especially Dilbert, The Far Side, Diesel Sweeties, Red Meat, Kit N'Carlyle. I have a dry sense of humour
  88. I have a tendency to be too serious sometimes
  89. I've never been in trouble with the law, and I've only had one parking ticket - I was dropping off a rental tv at the time so was a bit miffed
  90. I love pineapples, bananas and mangos
  91. My fave cocktail is pina colada
  92. My fave smoothie is yogurt, honey and vanilla
  93. I love hats, although I don't actually wear them that often. Go figure
  94. When I was younger, I wanted to be a spy - only because I was fascinated with codes
  95. My sister and I set up the Secret Sign Society, which was amazingly like Brownies with badges and targets etc
  96. We used to have great fun in the woodlands at "The Cedars" park, in Barwell, Leicestershire
  97. Went back a few years ago - it all seems a lot shorter now! :) I think the main house got pulled down after subsidence, and I'm not sure you are allowed around the park anymore. 
  98. I get on better with men than with women.
  99. I've a bad habit of engaging my mouth before my brain
  100. I'm one of those weird luddites that likes her mobile phone to ring, as opposed to chirrup or play some strange sound file. To that end, I'm still using my Nokia 8310 (built-in modem and FM radio) and will continue to do so until it dies a death... see 66. 
I can't believe I finally made it to 100! :) I just realised that 100 is a copy of 66 (hey, I wrote this in shifts!), so here's an addendum:
  1. I'm convinced I'm a blonde. In reality I'm kind of light mouse, or "dirty blonde", as someone at work put it. That has a whole other meaning in Dutch, too! :D


Anonymous said...

I also played violin, but very short time. Being a pianist had the same effect with fingernails, even 10 years after I quit.

Anonymous said...

Very unfortunate place to break down Vauxhall engines can be very reliable my corse is getting on but never had any problems to date (oops shouldn't jynx myself).

You missed one favourite actor/actress.

steel breeze said...

Probably a tie between Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon

Anonymous said...

LOL! Just discovered you and am flabberghasted @ how many particularities we have in common. R U by any chance an INTJ or an INTP? (I'm the 5mer.)

Thanx for all your cool online k-m info: I will be coming back to the short row tutorials a zillion times, bec. even tho I've been prolifically k-m'ing since '92 and use shortrowing all the time in my beloved upside-down sweaters, I simply CAN not keep the shortrowing principles straight (I can DO it if I'm told step by step what to do).