Friday, March 23

The Cog has landed

Nightmare journey over. We appeared to have booked the stag party express. Flight was delayed 40 mins at Cov for operational reasons. Hell is trapped in a lounge with 15 giggling hens, the bride-to-be with a willy whistle. Escaped them briefly at the bus stop, til they all piled on and nearly decapitated the Cog with a suitcase.

Station was a nightmare. Ticket machine ate G's barclaycard (to be quite fair, he just stuck it in). Spent an hour trying to enlist help but all staff offhand and rude. Gave up on card and made way to hotel - nearly midnight by now. Walked past hotel, luckily a local good samaritan pointed us in right direction. Checked in, investigated local restaurants, all now shut. Raided mini bar - a godsend.

Making a half-clapotis scarf with the Emily. Two rows from each ball, as one is blue and one pink.

It's my birthday! Need to look out for some bitch boots!

Currently sitting outside Cafe Zurich in Place de Catalunya, in the sunshine, with a good strong coffee

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Anonymous said...


What a start!! Hope the rest of the weekend goes far better!!