Tuesday, March 6

Oh joy, oh joy, more noro!

Well, I'm almost ashamed to say that the delivery from Yarnela in Canada beat both Ebay and two UK companies. Can you spot the hastily-repaired ball front right, that I accidentally snipped through in my hurry to open the parcel?! What can I say but whoops?!

More lovely colours though. I don't know how they think up such combinations!

Also bidding on this on Ebay - just for the colours, plus I might work out the pattern too. I hope it's as gorgeous as it looks!

I reckon I was colour-blind in a previous life. What do you think?


Julie said...

OMG! Look at those colours!!!!

And the models are colour co-ordinated!

steel breeze said...

I know! Loud loud loud! I might even bring it along Wednesday if I win it!