Friday, March 16


Very tempted by the peaches n creme yarn at Elmore-Pisgah - it's a coned version of Sugar n Creme, which you can't get here. On a bit of a cotton kick ATM, dunno why! They call these colours ombre. Just been outbid on some on Ebay. Never mind! Mason-Dixon pre-packs, too, if anyone's working on that. Which reminds me, I hunted down that dishcloth pattern of theirs and never got around to trying it.

Wonder if any of the gals at the Coventry Knit-Wits wants to place an order with me? I'm not actually supposed to be buying yarn, I may have to strike myself off the KFYS 07 thing, just not disciplined enough! ;)

Expecting snow this weekend. Staying in if so! :)

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