Monday, April 16

Alas, alack, it will not count!!

Well, I finally took the plunge and opened up the SK840 yesterday, to see if I could fix the row counter. Apart from a couple of dustbunnies, it all looked very clean and there was no sign of gunky oil. I gave it a clean with surgical spirit anyway, and oiled a few bits. The row counter mechanism itself seems to work fine, but the linkage from the machine to it just doesn't turn the wheels enough. So I put it all back together, with a bit of cursing when I stepped on the screwdriver - I guess the next step is a call to Silver Viscout or Metropolitan. It didn't help that it was really warm Sunday and I was "glowing" like a pig!!

All of which means I spent an hour last night (and I'm not finished) punching out the DBJ card for use in the Brother. I can't be concentrating on DBJ *and* counting at the same time, it's a recipe for disaster, and I really need to make this DBJ jumper my highest priority. Once I've finished up my college work I can relax and pick any project I choose, maybe even finish up the stalled ones in the sidebar!!!

Whilst I had the machine open, I noted that there's a lot of wasted space at the back ot the SK840 - I mean, there's literally nothing in there! Brother machines use this space as a useful tool caddy, and two holes for putting transfer tools in. Silver Reed just provide a rather shallow indent. What a waste of space! Mind you, if you were some sort of knitting spy it might be quite handy for hiding things in, I suppose, as long as you could keep it away from the back of the needle butts! lol!

So - not got any knitting done this weekend, but am going to make it top priority this week.


(some time later)

They were very helpful at Silver Viscount, and I have a new row counter on its way, should be here Wednesday or Thursday. Only £25, not too bad really. And at least I know how to install it now. Think I'll carry on with doing the jumper on the Brother, though - I'm more comfortable with that machine, and it'll be easier to stop half-way through the back if I so choose. I need to get more confident with the Silver Reed methinks, not to mention playing with the knit rader, knit weave carriage, transfer carriage and shadow lace tool I've acquired. Only missing the intarsia carriage and I've got the full set, lol!! Dontcha just luuuurve Ebay?!


(even later)

Whoops, I accidentally on purpose bought an intarsia carriage on Ebay. It's darned handy having stuff delivered at work; I can sneak most things into the house in my bag, and the Cog is none the wiser! I am incorrigible, no?!

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