Monday, April 23

Fine gauge

Missed out on buying a fine gauge knitting maching on Ebay. Well, I don't really need another one, so I guess I should be pleased! Can't find my latest issue of MKN to check the classified ads...

I've still got a Bond up in the attic - offered it to someone online about 2 months ago, but she doesn't seem in a hurry to come pick it up! Weird! Maybe I should advertise it on Freecycle?

Did another LR square, and another charity tee in pale yellow DK - I don't know where all these odd balls keep coming from, but I shall continue to try use them up...

Finished the second sleeve of the baby cardigan, I either need to locate a v long 3mm needle for the front band, or hang on until I can borrow  a circular one.

1 comment:

susies1955 said...

If you don't give the Bond to that gal, I would gladly pay shipping to here in NY 13630 to have it. :)
Let me know.
Enjoy your blog. I check it everyday. :)