Friday, April 27

Lace knitting - the start

One of our engineers stopped me and said, "Jane, your earrings have got caught up in your knitting!" I had to smile - it's to mark the different lace panels. It's roughly a trellis pattern, with six holes inside each cell. Pretty! This is about row 20, I think...

Someone just came and picked up the Bond knitting machine. If I get one more American (no, I'm not referring to you, Susy!) asking if they can drive over to pick it up, I'll... I'll... well, I don't know what I'll do, but inventing a waterproof car must be the next big thing!! :) Are ya listening, Ford?!

Hmmm... have I blogged enough, today, d'ya think? Apart from collating all my finished items from 2005 and 2006? Probably.

Off to hunt down a glass of lambrusco. Have a good weekend! :)

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