Friday, April 6

The trials of being head-strong

Cotton socks - alas, the loud one is no more!

This is what a swatch looks like when it is first taken off the knitting machine - click on the picture to see. The stitches are further apart because the knitting machine holds them to 4.5mm apart so it can knit properly. A good tug in both directions sorts it out - but this is why you CANNOT measure knitting whilst it's on the machine. And you must swatch, swatch, swatch. And I am lazy (see next pic)

These two charity tops were made exactly the same, but the top one is in full fisherman's rib. Notice it's about half the height of the other one? This is what tucking does to knitting. Also now returned to the big stash that is the spare bedroom. I think that dusky pink likes me - it doesn't want to leave, and I'm going off the colour rapidly, just because it seems neverending!

My two fairisle attempts (see previous post). They don't look as holey as they really are!!


Sheila said...

Those are really cute fair isle swatches. The more you knit fair isle the better you get at it. I love it knit fair isle in the round. No funny purl rows.

Knitman said...

so what happened to the loud sock? I liked that colourway!