Saturday, May 5

Colder than a... well, you know!

Just spent six hours (yes, you read that right!) handknitting in Rugby town centre, for Marie Curie cancer nurses

The sun came out around half 2, but that doesn't make up for a morning spent freezing to the bone! Luckily the church hall opened and were serving coffee and tea! My hands are stiff and sore, I cut my finger trying to snap some yarn.. but apart from that I'm just glad to be home, with a cuppa in my hand. Next stop, hot bath!

Did about 30 rows on the neon jumper of luridness, and about the same on the Emily hat, which may or may not end up in the Rugby Observer. Watch this space!

Must admit I nearly wimped out after 4 hours because I was so cold, and nobody had sponsored me "per hour"... But there was a steel band we danced and sang to, a barbecque grill, and the chocolate fountain. So not too bad!

Thai meal later, yay!
Current mood: cold

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