Tuesday, May 29

UFO shame, or attack of the start-itis!


I seem to want to start more projects, with no thought of finishing others!

To my shame, the Rowan waistcoat just needs sewing up. I think it's going to be way too heavy as a waistcoat, though. I don't know what possessed me to buy the yarn. Yes, I do. The colour, and sales fever! Not sure whether to frog it back completely or finish it! It doesn't help that we have had several very mild winters here in the UK, and what with central heating I've actually got very little use for knitware. Doesn't stop me making them though!

The free-form bag? Re-discovered it bundled in a corner. I had a long-overdue tidy of my knitting room last night. The bag looks great, but it bows out at the top, and it's a funny size, kinda long and thin. Again, not sure whether to unpick it or try and finish it! I could certainly overlock it smaller, I suppose.

The beach tote, that never got to the beach? It's a knitweave pattern, not sure I'm happy with how it went (I'm using two ends, the pattern called for something thicker really). I also used a pattern card and didn't stick with card 1 which would have been safer. Plus I cast off the bottom too tightly, and it's more a trapezoid shape than a rectangle.

So, what did I start yesterday? A crocheted spiral hexagon courtesy of Rowan (it's from a shawl). No, I don't have yarn for the whole thing, I just wanted to try the pattern out on one piece.

I also made a botched attempt at the cat-tea-cosy-that-has-become-an-evening-bag. Must finish that up, at least.

Now I've got that Pisgah cotton I want to make something nice with it.

I usually only suffer from start-itis in January, so not sure why it's happening now!

Whilst tidying up last night, I realised just how much yarn I've got, and how I'm never going to get through it all at this rate (there are three more bags in the attic!). I did make another charity tee last night, though - a blue marl with royal, navy and sky blue 4ply. I also had a go at plating on the chunky machine. Not all that successful - it only plated when it felt like it. Think I might have needed more weight, or thicker yarn. I attempted it with 4 ends of 4ply, as I don't have much DK lying around. Had to lose one of the plies because it kept bunching up and feeding wrong. I should have used the Hague blender, but it's a pain to set it up whilst leaning bent double over the knitting machine. Excuses, excuses. I am such a lazy knitter sometimes! :)

If I could figure out a way of making non-curl blankets for charity, I'd do it - but "Feed the Children" prefer natural fibres, and I'm not even sure what half of my stuff is! Some of it is so old the labels are faded or non-existant. I could do a batch in FNR on the chunky and blow the fibre composition. It's got to better than no blankets at all, right?

Maybe I should catalogue all my yarn, with photographs. It might help me get using it...

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