Sunday, June 24

Free MK Resource - site update

Linda L and I have decided to collaborate - her free pattern links list and my free 24st patterns. The site is at:

Free MK Resource

Please go check it out! Also, we are looking for a snappier name. Any suggestions?

Not just for machine knitters - the 24st patterns and intarsia grid can be used for hand-knitting, too. There are also some useful links to a few french intarsia websites.

Enough now. I've been HTML-ing and internetting all day, and I really ought to be helping my darling other half with the washing up.

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Ileen Levy said...

Hi Jane,

I'd like to thank you and Linda for combining your information and being so willing to share with all of us around the MK world.

When looking under your links section, I see you you have listed a couple of computer charting programs. Would you please consider adding our Design-A-Pattern to that listing. To check it out, please go to my website - There is a free DAP demo there. The password to open the demo file is TXU660192. Please note that it is case sensitive.

Thank you for considering my request, Ileen Levy, Ileen's Needle Nook, Hannibal, MO USA