Monday, June 18

Murphy's bag

I've decided to call the MK Dream Week project "Murphy's Bag".

Why? Because everything that could have gone wrong with it, has gone wrong with it. The yarn wasn't enough for what I originally wanted to do with it. The overlocker choked on it. The sewing machine wasn't far behind - I think it's got designs on becoming an embroidery machine, judging by its attempts to sew on the same spot, over and over again! Got incredibly hot and bothered just trying to locate the sewing machine pedal - it was in such a safe place (a 6ft high shelf) it took both of us 30 minutes to locate it. The knitting itself biased quite a bit. But the project is looking more likely now - I need to do some hand-knitting on it, to seal the top edges, and add some fancy yarn I think. Not what I had intended, but it's ok. Luckily the glittery tinsel yarn is quite forgiving and hides my mistakes.

The lace is now on its 5th repeat. I'm almost as far forward with it now as I was on the first attempt. Yay for me!

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