Thursday, June 21

WTF Thursday...

I found this book in the Bookcrossing pile at Liquid last week, you have to see it to believe it...

This amazing creation is an intarsia sweater from "Picture Knits" by Marilyn Rawlings and Jane Taylor, an 80s book. Some of the designs are not too bad, but this one is just so... so... words fail me! I just had to post!

Why oh why on earth would you want a picture of a large, Rubenesque, partially-clad lady on your front? And yes, that *is* lovingly embroidered armpit hair in this picture.

To give the model her due she's putting a brave face on it!

Knit Wits was good last night. Lynne told us about the impositions of her past employer - timed toilet breaks, reported for being 4 seconds late, not allowed to take newspapers into the office, nor use mobile phones. And lots of CCTV. Can you imagine being told you're taking too long in the toilet? What about if you're pregnant, or not very well? Sheesh! So glad I work somewhere where they treat us like adult humans, and not money-making devices. The company in question, that does a lot for the government, has a very high employee turnover. I wonder why?! (sarcasm mode cancel)

Made a dishcloth in ombre cotton using tunisian crochet. Pictures when I find some charged batteries for the camera. I like tunisian, but I haven't figured out how to make the right-hand edge straight yet, so it's a dishcloth with a point on one side. The Cog thought it was hilarious.

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Julie said...

Hmmm... I missed Lynne talking about her previous employer but it does sound suspiciously like me partner's employer.

Timed toilet breaks, no newspapers, no internet browsing, no mobiles, no external contact what so ever whilst at work... They also have regular bag checks to firstly ensure the above rules are being met and secondly to ensure you're not smuggling out a paper clip or similar.

His employer does a lot of government contract work and the reason given to justify these things is security - however it does seem a bit over the top to me.