Friday, July 13

De-stash demon

I decided to use up the neon acrylic last night by knitting it into another blanket...

I didn't do a test swatch, as I knew that 1x1 the width of the chunky machine would still not be wide enough. So I have knitted 300 odd rows for one panel, and am on the way to completing another. I need to dig out some more DK from somewhere now. It's gonna be a loud blanket!

I like making blankets - it's mindless knitting, where you can practice exercising your arms and waist/hips! It was quite a pleasant evening last night for once, so I had the window open, I'm sure the neighbours appreciate the zip-zip of a fully-loaded knitting machine! :)

The only problem is, I have rather a lot of white cones, and Feed the Children prefer not to have white blankets as it's a funeral colour in some countries. So I might make those into lace shawls, if I can figure out a nice pattern, and sell them on Etsy or Ebay for charity. Hmm - the brain cogs are turning! :)

Not going to get too much done this weekend, though, as I am running the Coventry Knit Wits stand at the Godiva festival all weekend. Not sure if I should wear something cool, or invest in a pair of wellies! Drat this miserable weather!

Current mood: happy

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