Saturday, July 21

Hot, dusty, and covered in polystyrene beans!

Finally finished the bean bag...

I managed to follow the instruction about getting 5 cu ft of polystyrene beans. However, I think this must be a misprint, as although you can get them all in there, the result looks more like a stuffed zeppelin than a bean bag.

However, I failed to note the instruction about putting the liner
inside the cover before filling it with beans. Yes, you've guessed it, I had to open one of the seams on the cover, just so that I could squeeze the bean-filled liner in. Imagine trying to get a condom over a car and you get the idea. At this point I discovered the afore-mentioned "zeppelin effect", so had to open the liner (which was rather badly machine-sewn anyway) to let some beans out.

Let me tell you, these little blighters get everywhere. On the floor, on your clothes, up chair legs, in my cleavage (!?). Even with G's patient help my knitting room looked like it'd been hit by a v localised snow-storm! I also discovered that not only was the hoover bag full, but that the only spare bags fit G's broken hoover and not my little Goblin. Cue some sitting on the kitchen floor, carefully ripping the seam on the hoover bag so's I can empty it and staple it back up (trick I learned from Mum!).

So, anyway, it's finished, as you can see - certainly not a child's size bag though! I am going to have a bath now to rid myself of hoover bag dust and polystyrene beads - wish me luck!

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