Sunday, July 8

MK Challenge - Passap day 1 addendum

OK, I figured out how to do a fancy tuck pattern...

I made a child's blanket out of the knitting I was doing earlier. I let the motor get on with it, once I'd figured out how to get it going properly. I overlocked both edges, after a few attempts, rotten overlocker thread kept snapping, mutter mutter!

This is a tuck stitch technique from the Passap book. Passaps can tuck more than one stitch together at a time - because it's knitting FNR, which is every needle on every bed.

I've no idea how many rows this was - it kept going until the yarn ran out. The photos don't really do the colour justice - it's a deep magenta/raspberry. I've nicknamed it the raspberry ripple blanket! It's really thick and snuggly - and the yarn was only a 1 ply!

Think I might need to move the knitting machine slightly further away from the wall - the yarn cut-out didn't work, hence my having to extricate it from the machine, and cut n' sew the edge. But anyway - not bad, for someone who's not even really read the manual properly yet!!

Next stop, double bed jacquard, I think!

Note to Susan: Alas, no, increasing and decreasing are still done manually, as is casting off. I understand that necklines on Passaps are usually done by the cut-and-sew method, and a strip of ribbing used to bind the cut edge - you can't move the beds apart much, and I don't think there's such a thing as the holding position, although I may be wrong, as I'm still learning!

I also made inroads to the bean-bag today - the casing is all done, but I need to make the inner liner now. Not bad, but not brilliant - the sewing machine decided to do a loopy stitch at one point, might have to go over that bit. Enough tonight - it's getting late!

Can't believe how much I got done today - I also nipped into town and bought some nice undies in M&S and 2 skirts and a top in T J Hughes. I did pick up a nice skirt in Primark, but the queues in there made me put it back. I nearly bought a gorgeous blue dip-dyed skirt in Bon Marche, but when I tried it on, it made my thighs look enormous. I wish they wouldn't put braiding at mid-thigh level!!

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