Wednesday, July 25

Non-knitting muggles


A co-worker, spotting the sock I'm making for Jo's shop, said she fancied a pair. So I pointed her in the direction of Angel Yarns, saying I though they were about £5 a pair. On seeing they were mostly £6.50, "I think that's rather a lot to spend on a pair of socks!!!!!" was the response.

Seeing as I was making them free of charge, and the socks were wool, I think that was more than a bargain. This woman is an accountant, to put the tin hat on the icing, as it were.

Meh, feh, and a double grrr!

Oh well, no great loss - I can use the time to make something that will be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I think £6.50 is a lot to pay for one pair of socks. 3 cheers to your co-worker !!!!!!!!!