Tuesday, August 28

Helsinki report.

Got here without incident - had two lots of pasta, 'cos the info Expedia gave me about in-flight meals was mixed up. Saw an airbus take off from Frankfurt - amazing piece of engineering!

Hotel is great but basic. Microwave and fridge but no crockery or cutlery - breakfast has to be done in rounds, 'til we buy plastic bowls from the department store. They don't service our room throughout our visit, which is not a problem, but we run out of coffee sachets, and it's becoming a chore to keep drying out the towels! Plus the wet room shower doesn't keep the water in v well! And G manages to spill coffee on the white duvet on the first morning, 'cause the paper cup handles are, well, useless!

My friend's wife P introduces me to Menita, a gorgeous yarn shop stacked to the gills. Bought some local pretty DK wool in red shades and two skeins of mohair (German, I think, or possibly Nordic). Then onto Marimekko for gorgeous fabrics in bold prints. I could spend a lot of money in here!

They have an amazing department store in Helinski called Stockmann. There are several cafes and one restaurant/wine bar, plus a fitness centre, made-to-measure shoes etc. It stays open 'til 9, so a wine bar makes far more sense - the shop is far bigger than John Lewises, and they are expanding underground, which involves blasting rock!

Nearly pick up a bottle of CK Scene for G (he's out of aftershave and keeps hinting), but decide to wait 'til duty-free - a mistake, as they don't have it.

Starbucks has not yet made it to Finland - yay! They have a chain called Wayne's, which is v v similar in décor - one branch had gamepads in pairs, and one had free internet access - and the coffee is excellent, plus I had dime cake, which was delish!

Bought cloudberry jam (sounds gorgeous, hope it tastes as good as it sounds!). Also salmiakki liquer (licquorice flavour - think Pernod/Ricard, without the sting!). G bought tinned elk, bear and reindeer, though baulks at the price, and tried a reindeer kebab. I tried licquorice ice-cream - lovely!!!

Made another ipod cover from Colinette Lasso - am intending to make it all out of one thread, as did not pack any scissors this trip. Not finished yet because I needed a crochet hook, to crochet a fastening loop and a neck strap. Pic when it's done and possibly even the pattern!!! :)

Met A's cat Vince - getting a bit elderly now - 93 in cat years and his back legs don't really function properly - but he lets me give him lots of fuss, perhaps he remembers me? (it's been 5 years!). A cooks up excellent meatballs and proper chili.

Wonder why my ipod is not working on flight back, then discover I've detached the headphones somehow. A classic blonde moment!

Weather not great in Finland - apparently people were getting sunburnt at home. Typical! Come home to storms and grey skies and the sun comes out in Helsinki!

Get G's bro K to give us a lift home as all train routes 'twixt Brum and London closed for upgrading - G discovers on our driveway, that he has locked his suitcase keys INSIDE his suitcase!! Luckily I haven't, and my lock keys are near enough to open his. Men!

Work tomorrow - but only for three days, and then I'm off oop north for a week of machine knitting seminars!

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Iris said...

Just dropping in to say hello!

Sounds like you are having a fab time, and Marimekko... hmmmmm!