Tuesday, August 14

Kumihimo braiding...

Finally got the marudai together (and boy, it was hard work - got the drill out eventually)...

...saw some braids online and thought I just had to have a go - Julie lent me her kit, and I had a bit of a go, but it was really fiddly.

Bought this basic marudai from Trishalan Designs on Ebay (an Australian company). Here's a video I made of my making a basic braid out of embroidery silk:

Here are some still pictures:

The small pair of socks, not being the same colour, are not even the same size. Bah! I think a third sock is in order!

Progress on the odds n' ends socks for a work colleague continues. 132 rows (effectively 66 rounds) makes a size 2 UK sock. Have mentally nicknamed them the pisces socks, as the welt is being made from two balls of green/multi yarn and one ball of hand-dyed Opal, running an end from both ends. Things could get pretty knotty!

Addendum: There's an excellent book called "Creative Kumihimo" by Jacqui Carey - tons of gorgeous braids!!

Current mood: impressed


Julie said...

I'm impressed, very impressed. :)

I've still to get to grips with mine properly, due to the fiddly factor which continuously puts me off.

Does having a proper marudai and bobbins make a huge difference on the fiddliness? And did you use a weight to get you started?

steel breeze said...

Yes, it's a lot easier, and no, I didn't use a weight - I'm using a clothes peg, which seems to work just fine.

You'll see tonight, anyway - it's in the car