Tuesday, September 11

More finished socks!

Finished up a pair of size 2 (UK) socks for a work colleague, using some leftover sock yarns.

Worked out row counts for the following foot lengths. RC is row counter (132 rows in the round on a knitting machine is actually 66 rounds).

UK Female        UK Male        RC
2                1                132
3                2                134
4                3                138
5                4                140
6                5                144
7                6                146
8                7                148
9                8                152
                9                156

Was planning to make socks with the Finnish Novita DK yarn I bought in Helsinki. Alas, I can't follow the sock pattern inside the ball band. The Finns obviously go for patterns written long-hand, instead of K1 P1. So it's becoming fingerless gloves instead. I missed having a hand-knitting project so much, that I actually cast on before I wove in the ends of the socks! Perhaps my subconscious thinks it's unlucky to have no works-in-progress?

Have completed front and back of the wave sweater - awaiting more yarn before I start the sleeves. Not decided on whether to make plain sleeves, or to continue the pattern.

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