Monday, October 8

Long Buckby Knit and Natter

Just for once, I didn't get lost en route...

It's actually really easy to get to - get onto the A5 and stay there until you seen signs for Long Buckby. I've driven myself around the bend and through fields in past times trying to reach this village which stays teasingly on the horizon!

Spent an interesting morning with Iris Sherwood who got me straightened out with tunisian crochet - I made several pieces that didn't have diagonal edges! The stitch I was doing was actually a lacey stitch and not the proper tunisian knit stitch. I have made two cotton dishcloths today. Pattern to follow, if anyone's interested!

Having turned the house upside-down to find my pastel stripes jumper, they didn't do "give us a twirl" today, so I could have gone wearing any old thing really! I was glad of both the jumper and my cashmere pashmina, though - that church hall is NOT warm!!

Iris Bishop's talk was full of interesting ideas - ways of playing with tuck, embellishing mesh knitting with fancy yarns and a clever way of weaving in "non-machine-weavable" yarns. Also interesting variations on pleats - I must have a go at those!

G's getting very stressed out about his health after something that happened at the weekend. Typical bloke has to embroider an everyday situation into a major crisis - like the time he got some fluff embedded in a toe, and he was certain he was going to lose his toe. Hopped around the house like a right prima donna, he did. A pair of tweezers and some TCP later and he was fine. Tchoh!

I made chinese-style lamb today (lamb slow-cooked in sherry, brown sugar, ginger, lemon rind, and spring onions (scallions to the americans). We had a WW dessert. G has set the bread machine into action, and we made cassata parfait which is now in the freezer. I love these new culinary gadgets!

Current mood: a bit tipsy

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