Monday, October 1


Well, I'm 3055th on the invite list and it's going down gradually. Maybe I shouldn't be looking forward to the time suckage that is Ravelry, but, truth be told, I'm a little excited. Might take me some time to photograph all my stash, though!

The pastel stripes jumper is gradually coming together. Hand-sewing is tedious, but produces such a neat finish it's hard to resist. I must re-check the calculations on the wave jumper arm - I don't want monster-length arms!!

Then I really must make a few preemie baby blankets for next Monday - I'm attending the Knit and Natter at Long Buckby, if you are going along say hello!


We had collected a ridiculous amount of Nectar points (loyalty points at Sainsburys, a large supermarket chain, for the non-locals), so we redeemed them for a bread-maker and an ice-cream maker. Yesterday G made his first ever perfect loaf, that didn't have the consistency of a house-brick! He also used it to make pizza dough, but put it on the wrong setting - when he removed the dough it was very sticky, and a large amount of flour had to be added. When baked it rose to an inch thick! Still, at least now we know how to make deep pan pizza!

The ice-cream maker just turned up today, I have to freeze the bowl for 24 hours before I can use it. I fancy making some sort of sorbet I think!

Last time I made ice-cream I kept forgetting to stir it, and it was rock-solid. I think it was a WW recipe for honey ice-cream. Our freezer is pretty powerful!


Whilst we were away, the birds had a bit of a party on my car. It looks like I've been off-roading! Need to get it cleaned tonight on the way home I think!

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