Tuesday, October 9

Tailor's dummy

Despite Royal Mail's best efforts, it turned up today. I think I'll call her Amelia. No, I don't know why, either! Frightened G when he saw it. Serves him right (he's been misbehaving lately). No more posing in new creations - she can do it for me! Result!

I think I'll add my stash slowly to Ravelry. It's going to take some time (I may need to upgrade my Flickr account, too, as I've gone over 200 photos. Damn!). I added the first tub of yarn today - fancy italians and magicolours, plus some acrylic I'd forgotten about. At some point I should go back through and add the weights, the whole thing can then be exported to Excel, which is a very good idea! No more buying yarn 'cause I'm convinced I haven't got that colour. Yeah, like *that* ever happens!

Oh, and a tunisian crochet dishcloth. I'm hoping a wash will stop the curl. We live in hope.

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Susan said...

I'm waiting for the tailor's dummy that I won on ebay, I'm calling her Miss Clawdy. Butch, the male mannequin that I thought was female, will be going to his new home later this week.