Wednesday, October 17

Waves completed and felting fun!

I finally sewed the buttons onto the waves jumper last night. The upper arms are still a little snug, but I'm a little chubby at the moment and I didn't want to make the sleeves much wider as it's a straight sleeve and makes the wrist very loose. It needs steaming!

Managed to stab myself whilst making button holes in my felted flap bag. Dominique was right, those scissors ARE sharp!

Second felted bag is still drying. Weird thing - I lengthened the strap, yet it came out smaller? Both bags need steaming too, might tackle it tonight.

The blue sock is about halfway up the first foot. I calculated it requires 58 rows at this gauge - will get to 58 and compare it against one of my already-made socks. Currently somewhere around row 46.

We made sundried tomato bread and white chocolate ice-cream last night. The bread is lovely, esp. with cold roast lamb and garlic! The ice-cream, erm, didn't last very long, heh heh!

My first (like I can afford to collect more?!) Blythe doll turned up today, alongside some lovely Murano glass pendants I'd forgotten I'd ordered. So, the xmas shopping has officially started!! :)

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BeadKnitter said...

Hi, Just thought I'd mention that your lengthened strap might still get longer. I have a felted tote I made for hauling my knitting around. The straps are felted and have stretched over time (I haul a lot of knitting around LOL!). Now I'm trying to figure out how to shorten them without cutting and sewing. Arrrgh...that is more than the laws of physics will allow.

Mmmmm...roast lamb and garlic......