Thursday, November 22

Blogstalker Week 9 - Junk Drawer

I do have other slightly junky drawers, but this one is the worst, and furthermore it's entirely my personal junk rather than household junk.

Wow, what is in here?!

Spare mobile phone fascias, rechargeable batteries, an old purse, safety glasses, a neon shoelace I made out of a skipping rope, Ipod headphones, a mosquito plug, old cassettes, 2 boxes of matches, a CD of backing papers, my old mobile, a double cassette that won't fit anywhere else, the old navy pencilcase my mum made me, a notebook (probably full of scribblings), Vanderbilt perfume and the cord from my never-used student security tag. 

I need to have a sort out, don't I?!

1 comment:

KreativeMix said...

ha!!! you should see my pockets!! :-)