Thursday, December 20

Secret Santa and lots of glitter...

Aran scarf made on Tuesday for the Knitwit's Secret Santa - pattern to follow.

My secret santa pressie - a knitted swiss roll keyring! I love it!

Knit wit bangle - meant to wear this last night, but forgot. Courtesy of the excellent Liana Kabel on Etsy

Louisa Harding ribbon - a pressie from Jo

Purple and spinkly yarn - destash from Mandy!

Made the mistake of thinking I could nip into town before Knit Wits last night and pick up a string of christmas lights and "Twister". Only lights I liked at Woolies were, well, squashed, and the queues everywhere were offputting. Apparently you cannot just get ordinary lights - they have to be wreathed in glitter or feathers or something. Humph! And who's bought all the Twisters?! Gave up and went to the Town Crier with a serious headache!


Julie said...

The secret santa scarf is a pretty one and I'll be test driving it this afternoon. :)

Thanks again!

Roberto said...

Loved the swiss roll - have you thought about applying the same approach to sushi?