Sunday, January 6

FO: crochet blanket and local wildlife

First project to be finished in 2008 - a granny square blanket for Romania

Immediately started a crochet baby blanket, in "catherine wheel" stitch, also for Romania. Yes, I know the colours are a bit ick but I don't have lots of DK yarn to hand!

I'm on a real crochet kick at the moment - it's not quite as easy to do whilst watching telly as knitting is, but it grows so much faster! Plus I am onto the complicated neck bit of Tori so I need to tackle that when I can watch what I am doing.

We met this little guy (definitely an entire tom!) on a walk through Caldecott park (park in centre of Rugby). He was very friendly, but dashed off like a lunatic when he spotted a squirrel. Didn't catch him though!

This little fellow was very brave and came quite close. Later on his whole family came down the tree, all as plump as this one!

Squirrel action shot!

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