Wednesday, March 12

The tent of my stupidity...

...or "Earth, wind and overlocking..."

The tent of my stupidity. No, it is not supposed to be this shape!

The car of my salvation - damned comfy in the passenger seat, and a lot quieter than a dome tent in a 60mph gale!

Spent a very enjoyable two days at Metropolitan, and one VERY windy night, learning to use my overlocker, with the help of Erica Thomson. Had a really good play with it, made lots of samples, and I think now I'm far less scared of it than I was. And I learned to make frills, too! Squeee!

I wonder if the Cog wants me to frill his boxer shorts?! heh heh!

Sample pics tomorrow, I haven't unpacked the camera. Also picked up a chunky ribber spongebar, mine was waaay too flat to be much use (why it couldn't be a plastic-only one like the standard Brother I'll never know!) and a nice draped jacket pattern by Anne Brown. It's the one listed as "versatile jacket". I had planned to design something very, very similar, it seems she beat me to it - or great minds think alike?

Major hassles with my bank suddenly deciding to cancel my overdraft without warning (they reckon they wrote to me. yeah, right!). If I hadn't had the joint account card on me, I would've been stranded in Cheshire with no petrol. Gee, thanks a bunch, Shabby National. I'll be closing my account of some twenty years within the next four weeks. Seeeee ya, wouldn't want to beeee ya!

Thereyougothen, no, it's not my yarn alas, somebody else's sock yarn delivery. You can't get Noro Kureyon sock in the UK yet.

Finished the marble chunky cardigan, but it came out far bigger than it was supposed to, despite a tension swatch. Not sure of the next course of action, really.

Time for bed!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - do people still camp in tents? Are you insane? Apparently so!