Sunday, April 20

Definition of annoying...

Definition of annoying...

…annoying is knitting almost up to the armholes of the Kauni cardigan, and discovering that the fair-isle pattern slipped some 50 rows ago by one stitch. Showed it to 'im indoors and he couldn't spot the mistake, but it's going to irk me, so I guess frogging is in order.

…annoying is catching the 'flu from some inconsiderate git at work (why come in and spread the love, if you're ill?) - so my back aches, my temperature is all over the place and I've lost my voice, which is very tricky when the Cog's hearing isn't great at the best of times!

…annoying is the Cog going out for a night on the town on Friday (it was planned weeks ago) and him coming back Saturday hungover and ill, and conking out on the sofa, when what you're really hoping for is some TLC and not to have to cook your own dinner.

…annoying is trying to do something fairly simple on the knitting machine and it going wrong about 70 rows in.

…annoying is having to try to swallow paracetamol when your throat feels like it's been cut.

OK, rant over. Feeling a bit better today, a combination of thai red curry soup and lots of water. Actually feel like doing some knitting, so I must be feeling better.

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