Sunday, April 27

FO: Felted bag

Sunniest day of the year so far on saturday, and I am ensconced in a damp & cold church hall. Am I bothered? No! I am making a bag out of some pieces of felted fabric I made.

I had a major panic Friday night, and felted some material for the second half. I needn't have bothered, really - the bag came out really long, I should've cut it down, but I do not like cutting my hard work up! :)

I made quite a few cock-ups during construction - made the first pocket inside-out and upside-down, then used the leather I'd cut for the top for the handle, then didn't have enough lining material so had to add another bit. I guess I was concentrating on getting it done and not paying so much attention to what I was doing! It turned out OK anyway and I have some more scraps of leather should I decide to make another (smaller!) one.

The heart was sewn on, and the bobbly yarn applied with the embellisher. My sewing machine would only sew the leather if the leather was on the bottom, so it was rather hard to keep to the edge (because I couldn't see it).

Now, some gratuitous pictures of the garden, before the heavens opened:

Bleeding Heart - my favourite!

One of only three tulips in bloom

Rosemary - this was just a twig when planted

Thomas discovers something interesting under the rose bush

Some sort of willow, aka the "Treebush", planted from a twig outside the french windows

Thomas: "I lurve the scent of freshly-cut grass in the morning". *wriggle wriggle*

Thomas: "You can't see me, can you?!"

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