Tuesday, April 15

MK Challenge - Silver Reed techniques

Techniques from the manual that I have tried on the SK840:

Fair-isle (Knit-in)
Tuck stitch
Tuck Lace
Tuck stitch in colours
Slip stitch
Slip stitch in colours - just need to figure out how to get it to come out right!
Single motif
Punch lace

Plain lace
Fashion lace
Sectional patterning

K1P1 rib
Double rib (aka FNR)
K2P2 rib
Wide rib
English rib
Swung english rib
Variation of english rib
Double english rib
Tubular knitting - requires the use of the P carriage so is slower than on the Brother
Herringbone swing
Variation swing
Pin tuck
Pick rib
Swung pick rib
Platting rib

Pin tuck
Tuck rib
Drive lace

Mesh knitting
Pile knitting
Shadow lace
Double jacquard - done, but with mistakes
Double face knitting
Multi-coloured jacquard

Think there might be a few more, eg mesh knitting, in the ribber manual, but I don't have it to hand right now.

Gosh, I really ought to work through the ones I haven't tried - tackled them on the Brother, as part of my OCNCE, but not on this machine! I need to get cracking!

In other news, I started making socks for the Cog in the Opal Planete - pale yellow and blue self-striping yarn. Trying to cheer him up as he is worrying about his health. He also returned two pairs of socks I made because they are too big. Some frogging is in order methinks. *sigh* I'll never get to the bottom of this stash!

....but then again, do I want to?! :D

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