Sunday, April 6

Shopping and shops

Yes, awoke to snow this morning. It's all gone now though.

Took three friends to the Nottingham show this year. It was pretty busy! Alas, the sock knitting folk were not there this year, nor the lady who made wild designs with machine-knitted fabric (I'm sorry, her name escapes me). Managed to resist buying any yarn, but I did get some curved pick-up tools and an intarsia carriage for the Passap - yet another gadget to sit in the corner for a year before I'm brave enough to try it!

I've been asked to become the regional officer for the machine knitting guild for Warwickshire, as the current incumbent is moving away. I do my best to promote this craft and teach folks, so I guess I just keep on keeping on!

Have finally put some items in my Etsy shop - please take a look! There will be more when I finish off a few things.

Current mood: happy

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