Thursday, April 3

Works in progress

The awful skirt. The Cog declared it looks like the kind of skirt a nurse would have worn, turn of the century...

Rather blurry shot of the Kauni. Hope that the 2-colour rib will stop curling eventually.

Anonymous, this was my first attempt at a lace stole. It's a 1ply of some sort, knitted at T6 on the SK840 using a basic tuck card. A yarn I could never use for much else, because it's so badly spun, it twists on itself (and into other yarns, as I discovered when I tried to use it for dbj on the Passap). Now, my question is - how to stop the sides from curling. Any ideas?

Found this site by accident - alas, it seems to be down this morning. Tons of hand-knitted stitch patterns, with decent colour photographs.

Yolanda Gypsy came to the Cov Knit Wits last night, and showed us how to spin with a drop spindle. Lovely to see her again after so long, and I got the impression Julie enjoyed the class. I refrained - I've done it before, and anyway I have too many gadgets as it is! Lovely to see Yolanda again, anyway - she's looking dead glam and v happy.

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Nicola said...

I would be very wary of knitted skirts. I certainly wouldn't wear one. I think you'd have to be very thin - and never sit down in it!