Thursday, June 19

Passap - day 4

Reverse Midas effect today - but finally managed two skirt pieces, as well as some duff ones. The first piece I failed to read the pattern correctly, and would have made a v straight skirt. The second piece I foolishly tried to transfer all the stitches towards the middle - there is a world of hurt in the phrase "reduce stitches by a third" - and after a certain amount of time, the yarn snapped.

Finally got to grips with technique 1137 - it wasn't me! Certain Passaps were programmed in reverse, so black is white and vice versa. Pattern is deceptively holey, not sure what I could use it for. Photo when I get home.

Another swim and shower, this time I tried the outdoor brine pool which was not bad at all. Made the indoor one feel a lot warmer though!

Had dinner at one of the other student's B&B - nice place and completely open countryside - kind of place I'd like to retire.

Just enjoying a beaker of rose before I turn in. Rain seems to have stopped for the moment.

Wish I could do this every week! But would need seperate tent for knitting machines, haha!

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