Sunday, July 27

Knitting museums

Went up to Lee Mills with Linda and had the hands-on talk - some lovely new acquisitions. I especially liked the butterflies in filet crochet in the exhibition (themed "Nature") - very fiddly but effective. Could not resist bringing back some yarn - well, the coned stuff is £1 a cone! Picked up a cone of baby blue chenille, some red stuff with a fleck, and two balls of Trekking XXL (like I need more socks! Ha!). Also picked up a guild badge (not shown).

The "Yarn Mountain" looks a lot better stacked properly - it's also a lot bigger than I remember it!

Seeing as we had to practically pass it on the way home, we popped into the Ruddington Frame Knitter's museum. We both had a go at the sock knitting machines (want! want!) and then had a go on a knitting frame. 8 moves to produce one row of knitting - I think I'll stick with my machines, thanks! Fascinating place, though - the boss had a house on site, and that has been maintained, complete with steep twisty staircases! We also saw some stockings knitted for Queen Victoria, kept under glass in the chapel.

We're finally having some sunshine this weekend and it's been 30 degrees plus all day. Looking forward to tea on the patio - I wonder what G has got planned?! :)

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