Wednesday, July 16

Process knitting, perfectionism, overlocking

So I guess I have to reluctantly admit, I'm a process rather than a product knitter. How fo I know this? Why, by the coton cabled jacket in my knitting bag. I have never liked cables - they remind me of 70s tanktops for some reason. Yet here I am, following charts, and getting quite adept at re-knitting mistakes 4 rows down.

My chest of drawers is overflowing with knitted items, all probably worn no more than twice. The novelty wears off fast with me. I must have a sort out, see if any can go to charity. Being a machine knitter means replacements take a matter of days rather than weeks, and hopefully future garments should illustrate my becoming more experienced. I want to knit more skirts, but the last cone of navy crepe was binned for snapping. I should probably stop being lazy and eschew the motor; some yarns just can't take the high speed.

Perfectionism? To a point. Having failed to relocate my row counter, I've ripped back the second section three times because it got out of synch. Discovered the trellis cables somehow cross 9 times (it should be 8), but as it's imperceptible I shall let it ride, or face rip no. 4

I'm back in Nantwich for two days for advanced overlocking. My overlocker cheeked me all morning by refusing to chain, leading us to the spurious conclusion it needed a repair. After dinner, things improved, leaving me to believe it was just matter of incorrect tension. Well, each of the 4 threads has tension 1-9, which gives umpteen combinations, without factoring in stitch size. I've successfully overlocked with 1 and 2 ply, lurex and viscose today; tomorrow I hope to conquer woolly nylon.

Pub accomodation ok, though they might have mentioned turning up before 5pm was a waste of time. The door sticks when shut and is hard to open - not sure I dare lock it tonight! Food excellent as always - bbw chicken, sweetcorn fritter and potato wedges, followed by white chocolate creme brulee. I am all about the white chocolate... yum!

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