Monday, July 21


I found a dressmaking course that runs at a community college in Leamington. 8 weeks and in the evenings. Just enrolled over the 'phone, because enrollment week I will be on holiday.


Not as good as a whole 3 terms of Saturdays in Cov, plus I need to invest in a wheeled case because I will have to take my own machine, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


Finally found my row counter. It was in my knitting basket. Which I'm sure I checked already. I reckon the pixies are out in force in my house! :)

On row 48 of the second set of cables. Looks enormous. I wonder if washing will shrink it? Must. Not. Sew. It. Up. before I have checked the size.


Need to cast off the 2nd shoulder of Kauni and pick up 57 sts x 2 for the second sleeve. It's good television knitting because it's a simple pattern.

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