Monday, August 18


Of all the places you'd expect there to be some sort of moth protection, you would expect your LYS to have some.

You would be wrong.

Ok, I guess it's partly my fault for snapping up some wool-rich chunky produced in the late 80s/early 90s, and luckily it only affects the first 30 foot of yarn or so, but boy is it annoying?!


The Kauni cardigan has been washed and excess steeks chopped off. According to the pattern I am to sew these down, but I can't figure how that is supposed to happen without the stitches showing through onto the right side. I might just take my overlocker to them. I made a little sample in fair-isle on my knitting machine to test the washability, so I can probably use that to test the overlocker settings.

I had expected I would have started work on the Autumn Flare skirt, sitting at 0% there over on the right, but for some reason my hands went for a waistcoat in a simple garter stitch design, with the aforementioned moth-bitten yarn. I don't quite know how I am to make up the back of this garment, as I only have enough yarn for the fronts. I guess it won't take much to knock up a simple black back.


I had a go at making a baby's hat with Natalie Langkilde's reversible hat pattern, but it came out way too large, it fits me at a pinch. Being half in baby colours (pastel pinks and blues) I'm not sure it's suitable for BISS, either. Hmmm.


Bought a gorgeous sari silk shawl on Etsy. £15.01 customs charge (three cheers for the 1p!). Royal Mail cannot accept VISA payments. I dread to think how they sort the parcels at Rugby!

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